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My Approach

Life can be difficult.

As you travel your road, things will continuously change including your sense of self, your physical body, your hormones, your relationships, your perspective on work, and your community. At every turn, your experience can be very different from what you had envisioned for yourself - an uncomfortable feeling that most people never take the time to explore, leaving them feeling unhappy.  The challenge of figuring out who you are in relation to all of these new pieces of your life can be overwhelming, and without a good amount of emotional support it can feel close to insurmountable. My hope is to support you through these challenging times of transition.  

But therapy is just the beginning. There is no magic pill to a happy life. Self satisfaction is, by definition, very personal and specific to the individual. Happiness comes as a result of looking at yourself and being pleased with the person you are and the decisions you make. We can identify what needs work and develop a plan to improve your situation, but true change only happens when you commit to the work in between sessions. I will support you at every turn, but ultimately, our work is to empower you to live your own life on your own terms, and nobody can do that but you.

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